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With the park packed with people and possibly more fishermen than I have ever seen, thought we'd could all use a little brushing up.

Since 1950, the world has created 6.3 trillion kilograms of plastic waste and 91% has never been recycled, according to a 2017 study published in the journal “Science Advances.”

19 out of 68 bags we collected at a recent cleanup were recycled, mostly plastic.

Reduce & Reuse! 🚯

On Tuesday 05/19 Clingmans Dome Road was opened as a part of our phased reopening. The following roads and areas will be opened on Saturday 05/23. When you’re planning your trip, have several options in mind so that you can switch plans if an area is congested. Enjoy & stay safe!

“Even if you’ve never felt the charge of a rapid, or a nimble trout as it slides through your fingers, you’re still connected to the rivers and streams that flow nearby—we all are.”

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