One of the only things I do not provide on guided trips is a fishing license and you’re going to need one anyplace I take you unless you’re under the age of thirteen. You can get a fishing license at a number of places in our area including specialty outdoor stores like Little River Outfitters in Townsend or any Walmart. They can also be purchased online. For your convenience, there is a link at the side of this page that will take you directly to the online license purchasing center. Continue reading to find out what type of license you might need.

To fish for trout in most places in the state of Tennessee, you are required to have a basic Tennessee fishing license plus an additional trout permit. For my guide destinations, this would include the Clinch River as well as any of the Delayed Harvest water. The exception to this is Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As long as you are fishing within the park boundaries (which is where I do the majority of my trips), you only need the basic license and DO NOT need an additional trout permit. Essentially the trout permit funds the state’s trout stocking programs and since there is no stocking in the national park, the extra permit is not required.

Another interesting licensing tidbit regarding the park is that a Tennessee or North Carolina license is acceptable. Since Great Smoky Mountains National Park is in both states, a reciprocal agreement was formed. Your Tennessee license permits you to also fish the North Carolina side and your North Carolina license permits you to fish the Tennessee side, as long as you are within the park boundary.