Welcome to the Journal where you’ll find a number of hopefully informative articles.  Notice the links to the left will take you to other pages of articles.  ‘Flies’ is exclusively articles about flies, fly patterns, and hatches.  ‘Ramblings’ includes articles that fall into the essay category.  Below are ‘How To’ articles that focus mostly on techniques and gear.

There are a lot of articles here and I add a couple every month.  New articles are released, along with a lot of other great info, every month in my electronic newsletter.  If you’re not getting the newsletter already, shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the list!  As you scroll down, you’ll notice that to keep things better organized, I have separated these articles into four categories: How Stuff Works, Skills, Preparation, & Theory.

—How Stuff Works: Articles intended to give you a better understanding of how specific elements of fly fishing, especially gear, works.

Wading Boots – Tackling the great felt debate
Landing Nets – Getting a handle on the big ones
Reels – Find out the reel story on fly reels
Polarized Sunglasses – The better to see you with
Waders – The ins and outs of your outer layer
Fly Line
Stripping Baskets – What they’re used for and how to make your own
Leader & TippetThe skinny on the skinny stuff
Strike Indicators – Just don’t call them bobbers
– It’s time to quit using your teeth

—Preparation: Articles providing tips on how you can better prepare your gear and/or yourself before stepping into the stream.

The Great 8 – The eight “must have” trout flies
Staying Afloat – Tips for keeping your dry fly floating high
Fly SelectionMaking sense of all those choices
Fly Selection Part 2
– Deciding when to stay dry or go deep
Stream EtiquetteTips for getting along on the river
Gear Maintenance – A few winter chores for a happier fishing season
Winter Fishing – What to do if the fishing is hot, but you’re not
Dressing for Success – One of the easiest ways to catch more trout in the Smokies
Warm Weather Fishing – Tips for staying comfortable and safe in the summer months

—Theory: Articles focusing on things like strategy or understanding fish behavior to provide more success on the water

Fishing High Water – A few tips for when the river swells
What Trout Eat – A brief introduction to a trout’s diet
A Matter of Degrees – Understanding water temperature and its impact on fish behavior
10 Tips for Fishing Small Streams – The title says it all
Early Spring Fishing – Finding feeding trout when things are in transition
Winter Fishing in the Smokies – Tips for stubborn cold weather trout
Legends of the Fall – Big browns of the Smokies
Fishing Low Water – Tips for dealing with spooky trout
Matching the Hatch – What to do when rising trout give you the cold shoulder

—Skills: Articles that describe and explain specific fly fishing techniques and tactics.

Setting the Hook – Going beyond raising the rod tip
Fishing the Surf – Add some fly fishing to your next beach vacation
Active Nymphing – An alternative to dead drift presentation