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Quill Gordon Hatch – Information on one of the most popular hatches in the Smokies
Little Yellow Sally Hatch – Information on one of the most prolific hatches in the Smokies
Sulphur Hatch – One of the most prolific hatches in East Tennessee
The Green Weenie – One of the best flies in the Smokies
Foam Beetle – A great summertime topwater fly
Ants – Fish tested, guide approved
Isonychias – A name you’ll want to know in late summer and early fall
Ginger Caddis – A big fly in the fall
Wooly Bugger – The king of versatility
Zebra Midge – A must have fly for tailwaters and beyond
Griffith’s Gnat – It’s small and dark. ‘Nuff said.
Red Fox Squirrel Nymph – An early spring favorite
Blue Quills – An early season favorite
Quigley Cripple – The hatch buster
Lime Trude – This western favorite is right at home in the Smokies
Madame XGoing retro with one of the best flies from the 80’s
The Hidden Terrestrials – Rethinking how we fish these summer favorites
Rob’s Hellbender – A great Smoky Mountain fly by a great Smoky Mountain guy
Clouser Minnow – In freshwater or salt, one of the best baitfish imitations around
Rob’s Hellbender Nymph – Smokies tested, brown trout approved
Blue Wing Olives – A fly for all seasons
The Frenchie – A great fly with a sexy accent
The Zug Bug – Another great fly from the great state of Pennsylvania
Early Season Wet Fly – The name might not be catchy but the fly sure is
Yallarhammer – The infamous fly of the Smokies