Welcome to my Articles page.  Here you will find a variety of ramblings, some are from an old column I used to write and some are a little “rougher” drafts of articles I never submitted.  Titles beginning with “How To” are more instructional pieces.  I plan to add a lot more of those. Scroll down through the archives and simply click the title to read the article.

Cecil’s Salmon – The glory and agony that goes with chasing big fish
Choosing Favorites – Thoughts about our favorite fishing places
Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t – Our complicated love/hate relationship with dams
Fly Fisherman Looks at 40 – A fly fisherman’s struggle with age and responsibility
History of the Yallarhammer – A little info about a legendary fly
Homemade Brookies – Why in the world go to so much trouble for a 7″ fish?
How To: Fishing High Water – A few tips for when the river swells
How To: The Great 8 – The eight “must have” trout flies
Paper or Plastic? – Contrasting bamboo and graphite fly rods
How To: What Trout Eat – A brief introduction to a trout’s diet
The Perfect Fly – The quest to create the perfect fly
A Matter of Degrees – Understanding water temperature and its impact on fish behavior
How To: Quill Gordon Hatch – Information on one of the most popular hatches in the Smokies
How To: Little Yellow Sally Hatch – Information on one of the most prolific hatches in the Smokies
How To: Staying Afloat – Tips for keeping your dry fly floating high
How To: Sulphur Hatch – One of the most prolific hatches in East Tennessee
Trout of the Smokies – A little history and info on our mountain trout
Warm Weather Fishing – Tips for staying comfortable and safe in the summer months
How To: The Green Weenie – One of the best flies in the Smokies
Dressing for Success – One of the easiest ways to catch more trout in the Smokies
How To: Foam Beetle – A great summertime topwater fly
How To: Ants – Fish tested, guide approved
Fishing Low Water – Tips for dealing with spooky trout
How To: Active Nymphing – An alternative to dead drift presentation
How To: Isonychias – A name you’ll want to know in late summer and early fall
Legends of the Fall – Big browns of the Smokies
How To: Ginger Caddis – A big fly in the fall
How To: Winter Fishing – What to do if the fishing is hot, but you’re not
How To: Wooly Bugger – The king of versatility
How To: Winter Fishing in the Smokies – Tips for stubborn cold weather trout
How To: Zebra Midge – A must have fly for tailwaters and beyond
How To: Gear Maintenance – A few winter chores for a happier fishing season
How To: Griffith’s Gnat – It’s small and dark. ‘Nuff said.
How To: Early Spring Fishing – Finding feeding trout when things are in transition
How To: Red Fox Squirrel Nymph – An early spring favorite
How To: Fly Selection – Making sense of all those choices
How To: Blue Quills – An early season favorite
How To: Quigley Cripple – The hatch buster
How To: Fly Selection Part 2 – Deciding when to stay dry or go deep
How To: Stream EtiquetteTips for getting along on the river
How To: Lime Trude – This western favorite is right at home in the Smokies
How Stuff Works: Leader & Tippet
How Stuff Works: Strike Indicators
How To: Madame X
Going retro with one of the best flies from the 80’s
How To: The Hidden Terrestrials – Rethinking how we fish these summer favorites
How To: 10 Tips for Fishing Small Streams – The title says it all
How To: Rob’s Hellbender – A great Smoky Mountain fly by a great Smoky Mountain guy
How Stuff Works: Fly Line
How To: Fishing the Surf
– Add some fly fishing to your next beach vacation
How Stuff Works: Stripping Baskets 
– What they’re used for and how to make your own
How To: Clouser Minnow – In freshwater or salt, one of the best baitfish imitations around
How Stuff Works: Waders – The ins and outs of your outer layer
How To: Rob’s Hellbender Nymph – Smokies tested, brown trout approved
How Stuff Works: Polarized Sunglasses – The better to see you with
How To: Blue Wing Olives – A fly for all seasons
How Stuff Works: Landing Nets – Getting a handle on the big ones
How Stuff Works: Reels – Find out the reel story on fly reels
How To: The Frenchie – A great fly with a sexy accent
How To: Setting the Hook – Going beyond raising the rod tip