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For 14 years, I protected Tennessee's rivers and streams, taking on fights that no one else would. Now, I'm joining a new kind of fight -- I'm running for Congress.

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The fall leaves aren't the only striking colors here in the Smokies! "Green elf cup," is a type of fungus that stains the dead wood it feeds on. It has historically been used by craftsmen to add color to inlaid woodwork.

Photo by: Briana Cairco-Cary


You cannot protect rivers without protecting the streams that feed them. #DirtyWaterRule

Keep yourself & others, safe when viewing wildlife. Remember:
-Give elk & bears 50 yards of space. It's the law! If an animal stops feeding &/or alters their behavior, you are too close
-Feeding wildlife causes major harm & can hurt wildlife
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"2,624-Year-Old Tree Discovered in North Carolina Swamp Is One of the Oldest on Earth" --

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