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Late August is when Hellbenders, giant salamanders of the Smokies, begin to reproduce. Males create nests under rocks in the streams and protect the eggs until they hatch in about 2 months. Disruption to nests or nearby stream rocks can prevent the eggs from hatching.

Per CNN, @kyfishwildlife uses "shocking boats to stun Asian carp, so they'd float to the surface and could be collected and measured."
The article says Barkely Dam, along the Cumberland River, is where the overload of Asian carp fish is coming from.

“When Americans use the stamps either to mail letters and packages or to add them to collections, they will be reminded of our cherished Wild and Scenic Rivers.”

How could anyone forget?!

#WildScenicRiversStamps #WildRiverStamps

“What if we could actually strengthen day-to-day relationships among people living on both sides of the border, without seizing any private land, and also enhance security in the process?”

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