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Keep yourself & others, safe when viewing wildlife. Remember:
-Give elk & bears 50 yards of space. It's the law! If an animal stops feeding &/or alters their behavior, you are too close
-Feeding wildlife causes major harm & can hurt wildlife
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"2,624-Year-Old Tree Discovered in North Carolina Swamp Is One of the Oldest on Earth" --

The Deep Creek Trail Crew has put in a lot of hard work this season and has done amazing job maintaining all the trails over in Deep Creek. Their last project of the trail season entailed the construction of a new locust footlog at Little Creek Falls on the Deeplow Gap Trail.


The Thru-Hikers are coming!

It’s about that time of year where the A.T. Southbounders start appearing in the Great Smoky Mountains. If you see them be sure to give some added encouragement; they’ll only have about 200 miles to go until they complete their journey of a lifetime.

Polystyrene (aka styrofoam), is a form of plastic, and among the worst types of litter. It can be toxic and absorbs chemicals. Fish eat the small pieces thinking it’s food. Polystyrene foam cannot be recycled and does not biodegrade in landfills.

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