There has been so much chatter about my guide lunches over the years that I felt obliged to provide a little more information on the web site. The lunches are pretty good—at least I think so. And other people seem to think so, too. However, some people have taken to exaggeration over the years. One customer, who was referred by one of my regulars, excitedly exclaimed when it was time to eat, “I’ve heard about your lunches! I heard you make your own breads and cheeses, and everything!” I do try to choose good breads and good cheeses, but if I made my own, I’m afraid it wouldn’t leave me much time to take folks fishing!

Frequently, I’ve heard my lunches referred to as gourmet, which I believe is quite a stretch. They are simply homemade lunches that usually consist of a sandwich, chips, salad, and dessert. It’s just that they’re usually fairly unique offerings that you won’t likely find too many places—No bologna and cheese sandwich with Cheetohs!

GuideLunches-2Every guide has a different way of doing lunch and for many, that’s a gas station sandwich and a bag of chips picked up on the way to the river. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I just like to make a little more effort on that end and I like to cook. Mostly, I like to eat! Some of these guides, and many fishermen, will say, “I don’t have time for that. I’m here to fish!” My lunches are not prepared streamside, they’re just eaten there. The only additional time required is in the preparation on my end, at home. My lunches are removed from the cooler just as quickly as a Subway sandwich.

And for many, lunch time is just as valuable as fishing time. For beginners, it’s an opportunity to take a break and process everything they’ve learned. It’s a time when many like to ask me about other aspects of the park or general area not related to fishing. And for fathers and sons, husbands and wives, or just a couple of old friends, it’s a time to kick back for a second and enjoy the scenery and the company. Lunchtime is good.

Another thing I like about making lunches is that I can control the amount of trash I leave behind. For the majority of my lunches, the only thing thrown away is three pieces of wax paper. Everything else is re-used or recycled. I’m more proud of that than any “gourmet” sandwich I make!